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Jennifer Johannesen, MSc

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I am available to consult on a project or hourly basis, supporting clients to develop content strategies, assess proposals, determine project requirements and generally help them understand the needs of their stakeholders.

I provide particular subject-matter and strategic expertise when consulting to healthcare. Current consulting clients include major hospital specialty medical units, university medical and allied health education programs, home health care programs and academic research teams.  In most cases, the consulting work is in helping to produce or refine processes, pathways and content to support Knowledge Translation, Knowledge Dissemination or patient education goals. See johannesenconsulting.ca for more information.

I hold an MSc in Bioethics and Health Policy from Union Graduate College and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City, and write and lecture frequently on critical perspectives in healthcare. To see my work in this realm, please visit my blog.