Consulting Services

Consulting Services

consulting/advisory services · engagement and planning · knowledge translation projects · stakeholder/client research

Consulting/advisory services

Consulting engagements are helpful to clients in a number of ways. Most commonly, clients retain Jennifer to talk through ideas or plans related to knowledge translation projects, online training, website development,  stakeholder engagement, and other strategic and tactical communications projects. This process supports clients to more clearly articulate value, clarify priorities, understand potential project constraints, and explore ways to engage stakeholders early in the process. 

A summary document or short report is provided to the client after consulting engagements are complete.

Strategic guidance
Exploratory conversations 
Problem solving
Executive presentations

Engagement and planning

Workshops, planning sessions, and other structured activities are often necessary to ensure the right people are collaborating to achieve project goals. Jennifer works with clients to organize and implement one-time or ongoing stakeholder engagement initiatives. Jennifer can facilitate sessions of any format, supporting organizational values while ensuring groups stay on track towards achieving desired outcomes.

For patient engagement in service improvement or health research, Emily Nicholas Angl provides consulting, planning and facilitation.

Facilitation and workshops
Project planning
Content strategy
Stakeholder engagement
Digital communications planning

Knowledge translation projects

Valuable research insights are often locked away behind paywalls and only read by fellow academics and researchers. Creative approaches to knowledge translation  and dissemination may improve how research insights get to those who are more likely to benefit.

We have extensive experience designing and developing infographics and diagrams, one-pagers, online courses, events, videos and podcasts. 

Podcast production
Online learning
Explainer videos
Infographics and diagrams
Public-facing websites
Communicating complexity

Stakeholder/client research

Gain valuable insights by asking your clients and colleagues: what works, what needs improvement, and how do they perceive your value in the marketplace?  Whether you represent a large organization or are a solo entrepreneur, it’s important to gain an understanding of the impact your work has on your clients.  We will design and implement a well-defined interview-based research project to help you gain the insights needed to help move your project or initiative forward.

Surveys and interviews
White papers, case studies, reports
Literature scan