Jennifer Johannesen

I’ve been developing websites and online content since the mid-1990s, specializing in WordPress development exclusively since 2010.  The technical aspects of the work continue to be interesting and challenging, as WordPress and continues to evolve in innovative ways.

I’ve learned that the tools and platforms are only one part of a successful project. If project outcomes are not aligned with strategic objectives, it’s easy to find yourself running in circles, or chasing some kind of ‘look and feel’ that may not be relevant to those you are looking to connect with. 

I have worked with hundreds of clients. While each has specific objectives and desired outcomes, I see common mistakes when undertaking any sort of online communications project. Often, there is an over-focus on graphic design at the beginning, and an under-focus on objectives, content design and messaging, project responsibilities and stakeholder engagement. I lead (or assist) client projects with a consulting mindset, and bring valuable strategic insight and project management experience. 

All strategic consulting, project management and technical development are performed by me. I draw from a roster of graphic designers as needed.  For podcasts and patient engagement projects, I partner with Emily Nicholas Angl. Where management consulting or support is required to move a project forward, I refer clients to Carsten Knoch



Emily Nicholas Angl

I am an independent consultant and researcher who has worked on patient and family engagement initiatives with hospitals, government agencies, research institutions and others across Canada for nearly 15 years.  I am also co-host of the Matters of Engagement podcast.


Carsten Knoch

I am an independent management consultant, strategist and researcher with a background in the technology industry.  Visit Carsten Knoch Consulting for more information.