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Jennifer Johannesen, MSc

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I am an experienced web and content strategy consultant, developing websites since 1995. I provide clients with strategic guidance and technical expertise throughout the vision, design, planning and development stages of their web and online course projects.

Website development ›

My technical expertise is in WordPress development, having designed and built over 250 WordPress websites since 2007. Clients include healthcare facilities, health research institutes, academic institutions, small and medium businesses, as well as community organizations.

Content development and production ›

I provide robust content production services, including video production, online course production, document design and presentation/lecture writing.

Consulting ›

I provide strategic consultation to clients who seek guidance or feedback on particular aspects of their web or online course development plans. I also facilitate workshops to help project teams and subject-matter experts come to agreement on project goals and next steps.

I provide advisory services to healthcare and academic institutions, supporting clinicians, researchers and project teams to improve patient services, inter-professional dialogue and education, and patient communications.

Critical Bioethical Perspectives

I write and lecture extensively on bioethical issues in healthcare, primarily from a critical perspective. Topics of interest include critique of patient- and family-centred care, notions of autonomy and consent, and issues in physician-assisted suicide practice and implementation.

I hold an MSc in Bioethics and Health Policy from Union Graduate College and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York City (2016).